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"How to Build Wealth in Any Economy with The 500 Account"

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for a better way to build wealth, then what I'm about to share with you will change your financial situation drastically.

In fact, it's so powerful, it's responsible for the success of thousands of the wealthiest people you know, some of which you can see to the right.

But you should know it’s not common for financial experts like us to share these details with you. In fact, we risk a lot empowering you to uproot the heresies of modern finance, and plant your seeds in fertile soil.

So much so that we’ve even received cease and desist orders from other financial “experts” trying to scare us away from exposing them for the crooked and misleading information they share.

Now Before I Go Any Further

Let me make something abundantly clear:

The financial strategy I'll be outlining in full detail isn’t one of those “get rich quick” strategies that promises you a fortune.

Here’s the deal.

There is some serious power in the knowledge I'm about to share with you. So powerful President John F. Kennedy used it, as well as presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding and FDR...

Even John McCain used it to fund his electoral campaign in '08.

You'll see more people who use it just to the right of this page ↠

Big bankers and Fortune 500 executives are "in-the-know" and have stockpiling billions of dollars into these plans...

Take a look at this image I snapped right from -->

These are record breaking numbers!

As you can see, Bank of America alone has over 19 billion dollars in these accounts.

And since banks are in the business of money, you know they know exactly what they are doing.  

So while the rest of us seem to be blowing our money on the gambling tables on Wall Street telling ourselves that "the next one will be a winner" only to lose again!

But I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who learns about the 500 account is going to magically transform their finances.

It’s likely that many or most of them will be afraid to make serious changes and not benefit at all (especially if they haven't experienced any losses in the markets).

Why This is So Important

We are not small players in the financial community. Over 50,000 people every year go through the same process you are going through right now, and come out on a path that gets them to their goals, and ultimately the wealth and prosperity they want.

What I’m about to help you understand could be a terrific shift for you, your family, and your loved ones because the benefit is virtually guaranteed financial success. No more headaches, worries, or fuss.

So sit back, quiet your phone, and indulge in the most important information you may ever read about what we like to call

What is "The 500 Account"

Big banks and corporation are killing it with these accounts, much of which is thanks to you.

According to CNN the average bank account pays .06% interest. So while they're paying you less than pennies, they're secretly taking that money and earning 93 times more than they're paying you!

All because they know something you don't (or didn't anyways...)

Even when you buy a cup of coffee, or make your cell phone payment, or even when you top off your car with gas, a portion of that money is going directly into these accounts. 

And it's not just avoid the looming stock market crash, they're protecting it from greedy Uncle Sam and his insatiable appetite for taxation. In other words, they're bypassing taxes as well.

What's even more strange and bizarre is these plans are actually backed and protected by the government (even thought it's the best way to legally avoid taxes). 100% legal, safe, and have their own section in the tax code protecting it from government and taxes.

Why? Because politicians, government officials, and even President's of the United States use it to protect their money from taxes.

But These Loopholes Are Not Uncommon

Case and Point.

In 2010 when "Obamacare" was signed into law there was a sneaky piece of the bill that not many caught.

It gave Congress an advantage over the rest of us. A simple exemption for the "politicians club" so they didn't have to be part of it. In other words, they rigged the system in their favor.

Fortunately for us, the 500 account is one of those favors we can actually take advantage of, if you know how. And as of right now, less than .1% of the US population knows about it, and is using it.

Famous Faces With 500 Accounts

Walt Disney

Founder of Walt Disney

John F. Kennedy

35th President of the United States

Ray Kroc

Founder of McDonald's

James C. Penney

Founder of JC Penney

John McCain

United States Senator

John D. Rockefeller

Oil tycoon & richest man in America

Doris Christopher

Founder of Pampered Chef

Joe Biden

Vice President of the United States

Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the United States

"The 500 Account"

The reason the 500 Account is so powerful is because it's built around an extremely seclusive, specialty contract found inside of American’s largest and safest entities - Life Insurance Companies.

Now look, I'm not talking about going out and buying a life insurance policy, that would be ridiculous. I repeat, don't do that!

What we're talking about is something totally different. We're talking about a specialty contract that is extremely unique and designed for one specific purpose; stockpile cash and build wealth. In fact, you likely won't recognize it as a life insurance contract at all.

But it's not that simple. You can't just call the company and ask for it, and you're financial advisor will have no clue what it is or how to get it. There are very few professionals that even know what these are, let alone have the qualifications and authorization to help you.

Many learn the hard way that it takes a real expert to do this right.

My warning to you: This can (and often is) done wrong. When done wrong you put two ultra important things at risk: Tax Benefits and Growth Potential. I'll tell you exactly why in a second...

But first, I want to tell you

Why Losing Money Is No Longer Possible And Your Risk Problems Are Over

For some, these could be the most powerful words you’ll ever hear, and when the market decides it's time to take another dip in the negative pool, you won't lose a second's sleep over it.

You see, most of us are brainwashed early in life on how to invest, and most end up in a whirlwind of losses, fees, and emotional pain. They don't realize the game is rigged against them (you), the individual investor, and Wall Street knows it.

If you’ve ever been to a financial advisor, there’s one very common question they’ll likely ask you:

“What’s your risk tolerance?”

If a financial planner or broker ever asks you this question... my recommendation would be to walk out the door and fire them for good. They don’t get it.

This is likely the biggest scam ever played on the American public.

Somehow, the financial industry has been able to convince millions of Americans that taking greater risks with your investments translates into potentially greater reward.

But as a professional in this industry let me tell you:

This is a complete fallacy and utter nonsense.

Risk does not equal reward.

Risk equals loss.

In his brilliant book , "Panic: The Betrayal of Capitalism by Wall Street and Washington", Andrew Redleaf writes this:

"The notion that risk equates with reward is worse than a myth—it’s a mass delusion, a mass delusion that in our time has cost investors trillions of dollars...

It has lulled an entire generation of financial advisors into complacency about the risks to which they expose their clients... In the real economy, risk is manifestly not the source of wealth but the great destroyer."

My point in telling you this is so you understand why you’re most likely struggling in your investments. It's really not your fault. While the middle class is entrenched in the belief of better payoffs for bigger gambles, wealthy Americans know better. They know more risk does NOT equal more return, and they play by a completely different set of rules.

You see it's so much more than predicting when the next market crash will be, or when it will go up for that matter. It's about the simple fact that the system is flawed. It's built on non-sense.

That’s why wealthy people will recognize the 500 Account as a tremendous opportunity to build wealth... it doesn't rely on unpredictable markets, and it doesn't have "managers" charging excessive fees.

It's simple, easy to understand, and it has no middle men.

Why The 500 Account Is All About YOU!

When one of these companies paid a record $1.49 Billion dollars to their contract holders last year, it was every penny of profits they had made.

No stockholders to pay.

No brokers to pay.

And no owners to pay.

That's why investors who have 500 Accounts see upwards of 7% cash-on-cash returns every single year without skipping a beat. Much better than the 4.25% the average mutual fund investor gets before they get hit with taxes and fees.

What's even more impressive are the layers and layers of safety. Like an onion, the more you peel back, the stronger they get, up to the complete protection of the Government. You can thank the "politicians club" for that.

While it's hardly an issue (since the Great Depression couldn't even stop the growth of these contracts), it's nice to know there isn't a single situation that would result in lost money... not one. Maybe on Mars, but there is certainly no safer place on planet Earth.

And it gets better because

You'll Never Have to Pull Out
Another Dollar For Taxes Again

Here's a question I think you can answer in less than 2 seconds:

In the future, is it more likely that taxes go up or down?


While the government squanders the trillions of tax dollars we fork over to them, the rest of us aren't obsessively spending money and racking up trillions in debt. That spending guarantees one thing...

Your taxes go up.

In fact, in the last few months some of these tax hikes have already taken place, and more are set to trigger in the near future.

So if you're planning on postponing taxes to the future, you will be in for a big (scary) surprise. The higher taxes go, the more you lose.

That's why a 500 Account crushes government plans like your 401k.

You'd need roughly 3 million dollars in your 401k/IRA to match the power of 2 million dollars in a 500 Account. And if taxes go up you'd need even more.

A 500 Account has no more taxes. It's 100% tax free and can provide up to 50% more future income because of it. It just makes sense.

Now one caveat here. While these 500 Accounts provide the single most powerful tax strategy legally allowed in our country, a couple mistakes could put you right back on the fast track to more taxes.

And you're not just at risk of losing the tax-free status. You can incur penalties inside the contract as well.

Fortunately these are super simple to avoid if you know what you're doing. This is why

You MUST  Work With An Extremely Competent, Trained Professional

or you'll regret having even come this far.

In an effort to be completely transparent, this is sophisticated. It's a science, and you need a scientist on your side.

While the decades of time specializing in this exact strategy helps, our expertise comes from the hundreds of accounts we've personally designed while working hand-in-hand with companies that have authorized us to create them. Working together, we've developed the ability to maximize the cash inside these 500 accounts while keeping the tax strategy sound.

This is important for you to know because we can guarantee it's done right.

And since so few even know these contracts exist, we've been forced to open our availability to every single state in the country.

And with these powerful accounts we'll even show you why

You'll Never Have to "Qualify" For Money Again!

Look, Wall Street's not the only one in on it. Your bankers in on it too!

Other than the fact he's putting your deposits to work in these contracts and turning it into buckets of cash, he's got another angle up his sleeve.

When Wall Street and government presented the plan to lock up money in 401ks in the late 70's, banks and lenders were chomping at the bit.

Why? Because when you can't even get a dime of your hard earned money, you'd have to convince someone else to give it to you.

I mean, where would you get money for your next car, kid's college or private school, medical bills, boats, homes, etc?

[Enter your banker]

It was the perfect setup to take advantage of the unaware and the needy. Banks and lenders were making a killing as sharks in the minnow pool. Charging high interest and collecting on new fees was extremely lucrative, and there was little to nothing you could do about it.

Interest rates soared, going from 7% to 21.5%. 

Debt rose an astonishing 25,000%.

Today we live in the society created by those decisions, and it's crushing our ability to create wealth.

Ever notice why car prices are NEVER mentioned on TV Commercials? They've done a brilliant job at putting themselves in the finance seat, and changing a $30,000 car into a $36,000. And just like that, you've lost another $6,000 of wealth.

With your 500 Account you get to keep every dollar you would normally send off to your banker.

Need a new car? Kid going to college? Instead of padding the pockets of the banker, put that money right back in your pocket. That money is no longer his, you'll be keeping it from now on.

What's even more compelling is (unlike the bank) you never have to qualify for it. It's yours and you can get it whenever you want. No damaging credit check, and no need to show income. Just go grab it, it's yours.

You'll find that having complete access to your money when you want it is extraordinarily unique. No being forced to lock it up.

"I'm Very Interested... What's Next?"

Financial security comes from having assets that go in one direction, up.

And to help you learn how to massively improve your finances, we've got an awesome offer for you...

But don't worry, you can hold onto your wallets, this offer is completely free, for a few more hours anyway...

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But if you're on this page you can still get the book, and it's worth every penny 😉

Don't worry though, this isn’t like any personal finance book you’ve ever read. There’s no fluff or filler – just the real facts your average “advisor” doesn’t have a clue about.

Here's a fraction of what you're getting:

  • How the Great Depression had ZERO effect on 500 Account owners. You’ll even discover why and how they’ll be protected in the future on page 1.
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  • Why the wealthy aren’t investing like everyone else and the #1 Rule they live by. Page 23.
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  • Three extremely detailed case studies. Complete with future income potential on page 44, 52, and 57.

You’re right …that is a lot of thorough, detailed insight into a powerful strategy that’s working right now. And it’s stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else gets it.

And at 70 pages, it's super easy to read and super easy to understand.

When you read it, you'll know exactly why and how a 500 account can give you more money for retirement, and a better journey along the way.

But it gets better because you’re also getting exclusive access to our

Save Smart Retire Rich Video Series

This 7-part video series shows you how to protect against rising health care costs, inflation, taxes, and the upcoming stock market crash.

Along with an entire module dedicated to the 500 Account (with close to an hour of video training) here's a sneak peak at what's inside the video series:

  • The Perfect Financial Blueprint For Rocking Your Finances
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  • The who, what, why, where, when, and how of real estate investing and how to know if it’s for you
  • The Income Maximization Model. The trick to avoiding the Government traps that kill your future income

While we actively sell this course for $97/month, this extra bonus comes at absolutely no cost and no obligation.  

It's just our way of putting our best foot forward, and adding real value in an industry that lacks it.

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There is no catch.

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Just in case you skipped to the end of this letter let me fill you in:

There is some pretty telling evidence out there backing up the fact that the stock market is in a perilous situation.  Long story short it's acting exactly as it did before the great depression crash.

Whether it's tomorrow, two weeks or two years, fact of the matter is - the stock market WILL crash at some point in the future.  How are you preparing?

We've discovered that Fortune 500 companies, banks and America's wealthy have been stashing away billions of dollars in what we call "500 Accounts" for decades.

These 500 Accounts are used as financial bunkers and have been dating back to the 1700's.

For a limited time we're giving away copies of the best selling book that details the "ins and outs" of 500 Accounts.

So now that you've got the gist you may want to scroll up and do some more reading.  Regardless you'll want to grab a free copy of the book while you still can by clicking the big orange button above.